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A2Z Cellular Repair Solutions Inc. IconA2Z Cellular Repair Solutions Inc.

405 Dalhousie Street Unit 1, Ottawa

4.5 537 reviews

  • Avatar Marcus Adebisi ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Very friendly technician.
  • Avatar Maria-Helena Pacelli ☆☆☆☆ in the last week
    Worst experience ever, avoid at all costs. They actually broke my phone and never fixed it or refunded me. My experience … More with them resulted in a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, which they never responded to. They had one month to address or respond to try to resolve the matter. Unprofessional, swearing at customers, not to mention there were ashtrays and energy drinks littering the shop which made the legitimacy of the whole operation seem questionable.
    Complaint Details:
    I contacted this business to do a same day screen repair. They asked a few questions and then explained they would have to require a deposit (20$) to order the part, and would do the screen repair for approximately 200$, that it would take about 45 minutes while I waited, and said based on the shipping time, it should be a couple of days to receive the part. The shipping took over a week and the owner was slow in responding, later explaining they had a family emergency. When I went in for the repair, I was told instead of 45 minutes that it would be closer to an hour and a half. This was already an inconvenience as I had to drive over an hour each way from my home to get to the shop. I waited and returned to the shop after the specified time and was told three times the repair would take 'another 10 minutes'. After over 2 hours of waiting, the owner then told me he made a mistake and had to redo the work. I heard him swearing and yelling in the background which was very unprofessional and made me uncomfortable. After over 3 hours of total waiting, the owner made excuses about the job being difficult due to the phone model (which he had already inquired about before the appointment), and handed over the repaired phone. I noticed right away that two features were not working correctly (the thumb print feature and the touch screen for unlocking, as well as the microphone was not working so now the phone only worked on speaker phone). This was already a concern, which he dismissed. He said he had to order another part to fix his mistake but that the phone was working. I insisted on the fact that the phone was working and the the broken issues were not his fault (although never a problem before the repair!), yet agreed to order a thumbpad and include it in the repair. I did not want to pay in full given that the phone presented more problems than when I came in, that it took 4 times as long to do the repair, and that he had clearly made a mistake in the repair that he had to fix. He insisted that he 'could not let me leave without paying for the screen'. I paid for the screen, in addition to the deposit and he was to let me know when the part arrived to repair his mistake. Over a week went by with no news, when I followed up he was very slow to respond, dismissed my concerns and said it 'wouldn't be anytime soon'. Eventually he did order the part after weeks went by, but more problems arose with the phone (now the power button wasn't working, and then the screen stopped working and eventually began flashing uncontrollably). I called him panicking as this is not just my personal phone but also my work phone. In response to my being upset he became aggressive, said some disrespectful things (including swearing at me), and hung up the phone after telling me to 'take my ***** phone elsewhere'. I did consult another repair shop that assessed he had likely completely broken the motherboard, and of course the phone became completely unusable. I was forced to pay out the phone and pay for another replacement device, in addition to the costs of the screen that was now completely useless. I informed him I would be bringing my concerns to the Better Business Bureau and upon finding out that he had a high rating, gave him one last chance to seek amicable resolution before placing my complaint. He did not respond to the text, in over a week so I am now submitting my formal complaint.
  • Avatar Olayu Charlie ☆☆☆☆ a month ago
    The long hair white guy was very disrespectful. Couldn't fix my problem.
  • A Google User ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    Jayson was a huge help in repairing my laptop. Quick, efficient and trustworthy service with prices that can't be beat. … More A highly recommend going to the shop for your needs!

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