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We are your iPhone repair experts in Ottawa. We do iPhone screen repair & replacement, and all iPhone hardware and software repairs. Pick your model and the time of repair you need, and give us a call or Request for Call Back

Looking to repair your iPhone in Ottawa? We can help. Apart from the common iPhone screen replacement service, we also fix any hardware and software issues on your iPhone. Your iPhone is an important tool that you use to communicate with your family, connect with the world, do business and more. It is no surprise then that when it is broken, you need a reliable iPhone repair service to help fix it. At A2Z Cellular, we are a highly rated iPhone repair center in Ottawa. You can trust our team to deliver a professional repair of your phone in a timely manner. Our parts are source from the best replacement part manufactures, offering original parts to work with your phone.

Broken iPhone screen replacement

We do full screen and digitizer replacement here at our downtown Ottawa location. Using only genuine parts of the highest quality, our Ottawa iPhone repair experts will have your phone’s screen replaced and ready to go the same day.

For any iPhone part replacement such as screens, our repair service comes with a great 1 year warranty, covering both our work and the screen replacement. That is, if the screen is defective within that time period. However, we do not cover accidental cracks or anything that might happen as a result of your use of the phone.

iPhone Water Damage Repair

Although Apple does have water resistant phones, your iPhone is hardly waterproof, which means that your device can still get water damage. Our iPhone repair technicians will open up your iPhone, clean it up, and repair any iPhone logic board components that may have been completely damaged.

Our technicians are skilled at board level repairs and soldering on iPhones, and have performed lots of liquid damage repairs with a good success rate.

Select your iPhone model and learn more about what repairs are available for your device. We fix iphone screens and all other common hardware and software errors and malfunctions on iPhones.

The iPhone X is Apple’s latest smartphone, popularly know for its security and virtual reality technology. We know that things happen, and you break your iPhone X screen, or it starts not working somehow, and is not covered under your Apple Care. We fix cracked or broken iPhone X screens, among other many issues. We also fix water damaged iPhone X devices.

Common iPhone X Repairs

  • iPhone X screen replacement
  • iPhone X Charging Port Replacement
  • Microphone problems
  • Physical damage to the phone during a fall
  • Camera not working on your iPhone

We repair all iPhone 8 Plus devices at our Ottawa location, downtown. We do iPhone 8 Plus screen repair and replacement, and any other physical damage repair, hardware repair such as malfunctioning charging ports, logic board repair, water damage, microphone and any other iPhone 8 Plus part that does not work. Apart form fixing iPhone 8 Plus problems, we also sell iPhone cases, covers and other iPhone 8 Plus accessories.

Common iPhone 8 Plus Repairs

  • iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement
  • iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement
  • iPhone 8 Plus hardware diagnostics
  • iPhone 8 Plus charging port replacement

The iPhone SE is a high performance Apple iPhone that was designed to be cheaper than the latest models, with a smaller screen but packing the same power as all other models. We do iPhone SE screen replacement in Ottawa, among other hardware repairs and software troubleshooting. If you are experiencing software issues such as the iPhone SE stuck on the Apple logo, or some other software problem, our technicians can help troubleshooting and fix the issues. Hardware issues such as LCD screen cracks, charging port issues, camera malfunction are some of the most common issues we fix, and we typically have those done within 30mins where we simply have to do a part replacement. We offer a great warranty on all iPhone SE parts and repairs.

The iPhone 6 Plus was Apple departure from devices with smaller screens, and aimed at competing with other cell phone makers such as Samsung. The iPhone 6 Plus has a much bigger screen, high resolutions and general wide view for watching video, reading and much more. As with any phone screen, you drop it, it cracks. If you need a screen replacement on your iPhone 6 Plus, let our repair experts assist you, and have your iPhone 6 Plus working again. We do all iPhone screen repair in house in Ottawa at our downtown location in less than 30 mins, and offer a great warranty on parts and work done.

Design for better processor performance than the iPhone 5, hence called the iPhone 5S, and a high quality display, this Apple cell phone device makes for great smartphone for everyday us even today. Repairing any issue on the iPhone 5S is relatively cheaper, but you still get great quality service and parts well worth the spend. Before considering an upgrade, get that iPhone 5S screen replaced by A2Z Cellular, or any other problem fixed. We fix all the common problems that occur with the iPhone 5S such as home button issues, volume buttons not working, screen cracked, or LCD digitizer frozen. Bring you phone into our store for diagnostics if it is not booting up, or stuck on the Apple logo. Our technicians are experienced with troubleshooting iOS problems.

The iPhone 5 is still one of Apple’s phone devices that is packed with great power, and still performs great even with updated operating system. At A2Z Cellular, we repair all iPhone 5 issues, from broken iPhone 5 digitizer or screen, to home buttons, iPhone 5 Battery replacement and software reset. Whether your iPhone 5 is experiencing a hardware problem, or a software problem, we can fix it.

Common iPhone 5 problems we fix

  • iPhone 5 screen/digitizer replacement
  • iPhone 5 home button repair
  • iPhone 5 charging port replacement
  • iPhone 5 Display repair
  • iPhone 5 Data Back & Transfer
  • iPhone 5 board level repair
  • iPhone 5 water damage repair

You are in Ottawa, and have recently bought yourself and brand new iPhone 8, and you cracked the screen, and need it replaced. Or some other physical damage by you has occurred that is not covered under warranty. At A2Z Cellular, we repair all iPhone 8 issues that you may have. Get in touch with us. Our technicians are highly experienced with iPhone repairs, and we are one of the top rrated iPhone repair centers in Ottawa.

More about our iPhone 8 repair services

  • Same day iPhone 8 screen replacement
  • High quality screens
  • Charging ports, WI-FI and Power button repair

We fix iPhone 7 screens, and any other hardware and software related problems you may have. Our technicians located at our downtown Ottawa location will have your iPhone 7 screen replaced within 30 minutes to 1 hour. Have any other iPhone 7 problems you’d want to fix? Here are some common repairs we do.

Common iPhone 7 Repair Services

  • iPhone 7 screen repair and replacement
  • iPhone 7 software repair/OS reload
  • iPhone 7 battery replacement

Any other issues, give us a call at 613-422-1229

Own an iPhone 6S Plus, and experiencing some problems with it? It could be a network connectivity issues, or may be your iPhone 6S battery not lasting longer, or failing to charge. It may be that you need a case for your phone or a replacement charger. Accidental damage to your iPhone 6S screen? We fix cracked iPhone 6S screens the same day, and offer a 6 month warranty. Our parts are top quality in our industry, and cannot be beat. In short, we provide a full service iPhone 6S repair and care service here in Ottawa. Give us a call, and one of technicians will be happy to assist your with your repair.

With a smaller screen than the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 6 screen still offer a much wider view than previous Apple iPhones, and much improvement in hardware performance and design. Need a screen replacement on the iPhone 6 in Ottawa? Having some hardware issues such as sound not working, camera broken or malfunctioning, unable to hear calls or people cannot hear you? Our repair technicians can have any of these common iPhone 6 problems and many others repaired the same day. Most of our customers come in for a screen replacement on the iPhone 6, and walk away 30 mins or less later with a perfectly working phone, a great quality replacement screen, and a job well done. Our warranty compares to none in the city. We know because we purposely set it to be so. Come in for a repair and you will not be disappointed with our offer.

The iPhone 5C is a great phone with a much smaller screen than the latest models, but still gives great display, but when the phone screen cracks, you need a professional to repair your iPhone 5C screen and keep you mobile. Entrust A2Z cellular with replacing your iPhone 5C, and you will have your device working the same day.

Perhaps one of Apple iPhones that introduced the performance and speed race for mobile phones, the iPhone 4S which was a very popularly adopted device. We provide service such as iPhone 4S screen replacement in Ottawa, among other software and hardware repairs. Our technicians will have your iPhone 4s repaired the same day, whether with a new screen, new iPhone 4s camera, new home button, restored software or unlock.

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